Weekly Digest — January 14-20, 2019

This week in #scipol: vultures, sheep, and wallabies, the five hottest years ever end, transgender healthcare access in Pakistan, US gun violence research, the Save Our Seas Act, cancer rates drop, textbooks are political, and more!

Weekly Digest — December 10-January 13, 2019

This month in #scipol: corruption in the US federal and state governments, Australia burns, TCEQ admits leniency, new NSF leader and funding, the National Defense Authorization Act passes, Honolulu bans single-use plastic, and more!

Weekly Digest — November 26-December 2, 2019

Energy, Environment, and Conservation A new report by the Government Accountability Office concludes that nearly 60% of Superfund sites in the US could be at risk of releasing toxic pollutants into waterways and communities due to climate change exacerbated flooding, sea level rise, storm surge, and wildfires. Superfund sites are sites of contaminated hazardous waste … Continue reading Weekly Digest — November 26-December 2, 2019